Code Repository

libraspi.js2 KB23 Jun 2016Node.js module to get basic system information of Raspberry pi
wifi_sensor_station.ino3 KB17 04 2016 
PIR Sensor Station3 KB01 Jan 2016A reliable & multitasked sensory station, optimized for quick response to movement detecti..._
Serial Relay Controller1 KB01 Jun 2015A serial command processor in arduino
Nike RVSP hashtag extractor3 KB26 Jul 2014Simple object detection with php. designed for extracting hashtags from nike rvsp images.
PsyDB+ Class7 KB23 Jul 2014Extendable MySQL object for database based applications.also includes table maintance ..._
twitterbot.class.php8 KB23 07 2014 
twitterapi.class.php3 KB23 07 2014 
class.selenium.php2 KB23 07 2014 
TBass - bass.dll non-vcl component9 KB23 Jul 2014Bass 2.4 header extension with predefined variables.Libraries available at:http://un4s..._
class.spider.php4 KB23 07 2014 
PsyDB+ (PostreSQL)5 KB23 Jul 2014PostreSQL version of PsyDB+
Tinpout32 - inpout32.dll manipulator2 KB23 Jul 2014non-visual hardware input & output object. designed for controlling parallel port and simi..._
dbIPC2 KB23 Jul 2014table based shared memory operations