Progress report: soldering station upgrade

November 17, 2018

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 I wasn't active on internet lately. Had unexpected life events, lost in business life, long story.. The primary subject of the last 16 months was cancer. Had loses in family, seen few news stories from internet celebrities, one of followed youtuber died too then i noticed one common point from those cases: They're all engineers.
 Primary cause of cancer is genetic predisposition and anything that can damage body cells including radiation and toxic metals. 
 To prevent any possible incident like this, i quit the tinkering first, making money by working double and purchasing things if necessary. Sent all trash in my workroom to where they belong, the trash. Even solder wires just because they're contains lead which blocks the nerve transmissions and even can be absorbed by human skin.
 After couple months, my phone is broken and repairman asked too much price. well, story begins again from here. 
 This time i purchased unleaded copper/tin alloy solder wire, the thing that i wasn't know is it's melting point. Copper melts at over 1k celsius and tin's melting point is 231 C. depending on composition amount, that wire should melt somewhere between 400-500 C which my shitty soldering gun can't supply.
 So, i purchased a cheap 60W soldering pen. Gets hot enough to work on cu/sn solder wire but this time issue was soldering fume was easily getting vaporated which can't have enough time to do it's magic.
 The next week soldering pen broken after one hour of usage anyway. I purchased a second one, i forgot this one keep on and it's burned too. Decided to buy a professional kit but they're extremely expensive in here, did a third final purchase within same month, and installed a digital temperature controller to this one. Nothing fancy, i was about to fit the pen and temperature probe into an aluminium block but realized that i need something more solid to carve a path for a screw bolt. Then i ended up with brass it's alloy of copper and zinc, it's solid as iron and easily dissipates the heat. Also looks cool.
 Now i'm setting the temperature to 275 C, it's enough to melt that new wire and makes easier the solder the tiny things. Problem Solved.

 Shopping List
 + Soldering Pen: $20
 + Thermocouple: $5
 + Temperature controller: $15
 + 5cm slice of brass: $2
 + IP66 case: $1

 If you're going to build this, i suggest pay a little bit higher and purchase a SSR relay model of temperature controller. the "tick-tock" relay sound of those controllers are really annoying.

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