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CAESAR 2.0 Final

Simple experimental cipher program based on Julius Caesar's algorithm.only
difference is it can change the character jump distance.

Security-standart some algorithms added at coding process.Also has a built-in
file crypter based on twofish algorithm.

Also it have built in block cipher, its very useful on personal chat logs,
bank account details, private photos etc.
Notes about block cipher:
- Password string cannot be this case text replaced by 'caesar';

- if u decrypt a file with wrong password, Encrypt it with same string..Now, file
readable with correct pass;

- Process direct modifies file by 8k blocks..this means operation cannot be
cancelled! otherwise file may be corrupt;

- Filenames encrypted with same key of block cipher..To use Clipboard Converter
function, first enter the key to password area;

Tips & Tricks:

- You can encrypt file 2-3 times again for prevent brute force attacks
- Program can accept drag & drop operations. You can drop a file or whole folder
for processing
- Attention! create backup before encrypting file(s) for prevent data corruption

No responsibility, No support. Use at your own risk.

Version History:
03.06.2009 : GUI Re-Designed,
Setting Saving support,
Subdirectory processing with multithreading at block mode,
Smart folder encryption : small files processes first;

23.01.2009 : Optimized Drag & Drop operations;

07.01.2009 : Clipboard converting function optimized,
Scrolling output for long filenames;

25.12.2008 : Improved filename encryption method,
Fixed file renaming bug,
Error reporting function added,
Clipboard converting function added;

09.11.2008 : Folder encryption method changed;

22.10.2008 : RC4 cipher support,
Turkish charset fix,
Simple GUI effects;

10.07.2008 : File & Folder Name Encryption,
Timestamp Support;

07.07.2008 : Twofish Block cipher,
Folder Encryption,
Drag & drop support;

20.11.2007 : Rijndael Algorithm Cipher,
MD5 and SHA1 Hash Support,
Simple GUI optimizations;
Caesar & XOR Code : PsyChip
Base64 Code : Yurii Zhukow
RC4 Unit : Michael Puff
MD5 Hash Unit : Franois PIETTE
Twofish & SHA1 unit : Dave Barton
Rijndael translation : Sergey Kirichenko

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