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Break The Wall

Wiaduc is a local dns manager which powered
by external ip resolver engines. useful for
breaking local internet censorship.

usually changing system dns settings can break
the censorship. if also public servers blocked
by their ip address,
you have to use wiaduc in this case.

enter your blocked hosts line by line in textarea
and resolve it. if operation successful, click save.
application only writes successfuly resolved
addresses to disk.

Beware: it completely takes control of your
"Hosts" file, if you have custom entries, backup
it before saving.

Custom script location
if psychip.net is down or become unresponsible
in next years, follow this steps:

1- create a php script named "host2ip.php"
2- enter this lines to the script:

$out = array();
echo json_encode($out);

3- upload it to a web server which not in
censorship area.
4- create a file named "path.cfg" in app folder
and write full script path to it.
like: http://your.site.com/host2ip.php

Coded by PsyChip
* September 2007
* Revised on March 2014

(web) : http://psychip.net
( @ ) : root@psychip.net


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