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Magic Kindle Submitter
..Name sucks but it works

This application was designed for submit your e-books to 21
different kindle listing sites at same time. all post
information directly processing in your machine. no third
party server connection required.

few notes about Magic KD Submit

- application will build a generic form data from your provided values and
fills rest of extra fields with random stuff.

- some websites requests images, such as book cover etc. application will
fill this area with 1x1 pixel jpeg data.

- submission engine powered by php scripting language. you can extend
available websites with editing 'lib\sitedata.php' no app modification needed.

- if no data received from remote server, processed line will become red mark,
this is not always describe an error. some websites can accept data without
returning any output.

- you can find site submission outputs from 'lib\log' folder. its useful for
validating successful posts.

- before running, extract all folders from zip archive. also "lib" folder must
be writable.

Send your Reviews & Bug Reports to:

Coded by PsyChip
Aug 2013

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