Featured Releases



Flat Player

Portable windowless video player for Digital Signage purposes

Mass Disk Copier

Can copy a directory to multiple flash drives

Magic Kindle Submitter

Bulk e-book publishing tool

Mass String Processor

The ultimate copy-paster companion

Third party repository


Universal Extractor

Extract assets from raw data blocks

Ascii Generator

Convert raster images to ascii art

Desktop Tools

4 abandonware desktop tools which still useful today


Low bandwidth voice chat over internet


Allows to minimize to tray any application

esp8266 config utility

Read & write firmware of esp8266 modules and configure options from comport


Forces an application to use a spesific network adapter

AMI Bios Suite

AMI Bios editor and Firmware upload utility

Win32 FastInstall Toolkit

Install windows vista/7/8/10 to any x86 platform without original setup

Povohat's mouse driver

Win7/8 compatible custom mouse driver which allows to access advanced movement settings.