100 lux in pocket: Power LED

October 28, 2015

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in year 2015 maybe we don't have flying cars but got smd leds anyway. i don't know why but people calling it "power led" in turkey and they're almost everywhere. it's cheap, lasts longer and draws lower electricity profile than traditional light bulbs.

long time ago i modded a garage door remote by implementing eight white leds on it. they're drawing 1.5v each and powered by an 12v A23 battery
past year i purchased two smd led modules from dealextreme just for upper rounding a shopping cart. after the received package, did an experiment and replaced the white leds on my keychain with this ones. i was guessing battery only lasts about 1 or 2 months with barely use.
surprise! battery still alive since 1.5 years but somehow half of leds are died. today i'm replaced the module and battery then taken few photos.
summary: A23 battery+SMD led = brightest & smallest light source ever.

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