Featured Releases



Flat Player

Portable windowless video player for Digital Signage purposes

Mass Disk Copier

Can copy a directory to multiple flash drives

Magic Kindle Submitter

Bulk e-book publishing tool

Mass String Processor

The ultimate copy-paster companion

Silent Noise Generator

Generate unhearable random noises to keep soundcard active.

Third party repository


Universal Extractor

Extract assets from raw data blocks

Ascii Generator

Convert raster images to ascii art

Desktop Tools

4 abandonware desktop tools which still useful today


Low bandwidth voice chat over internet


Allows to minimize to tray any application

esp8266 config utility

Read & write firmware of esp8266 modules and configure options from comport


Forces an application to use a spesific network adapter

AMI Bios Suite

AMI Bios editor and Firmware upload utility

Win32 FastInstall Toolkit

Install windows vista/7/8/10 to any x86 platform without original setup

Povohat's mouse driver

Win7/8 compatible custom mouse driver which allows to access advanced movement settings.