Stealing sneakers from NIKE

June 14, 2013

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as the whole crafty geeks knows, nike has a target=_blank>rvsp system via twitter.


they are offering free footwears to followers who sends promotion codes. im absolutely strange their marketing strategies and not so interested. but my interest point is that cheap pictures. actually you can find this cloaked text block via any graphic editor. just open image, decrease color depth and floodfill an empty area. thats it! you found the block. any ocr engine can easily read that result.
i created a php function which can process same steps via programmaticaly. you can find it in /code/objdetect.php target=_blank>devzone section.
other requirements for a full featured rvsp bot: - grab twitter client class
- install tesseract OCR engine and you have to write few lines of code which can process this steps: 1 - read nike account's timeline with a spesific time interval (~30sec) 2 - if new tweet appears with url*** download that image 3 - extract highlighted hashtag with /code/objdetect.php target=_blank>this function 4 - convert extracted part of image to string with target=_blank>tesseract ocr library
5 - send DM to nike's twitter account with target=_blank>this class
good luck.

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Stealing sneakers from NIKE

as the whole crafty geeks knows, nike has a rvsp system via twitter. they

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