Allegory of the internet

March 27, 2024

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Mankind came to this world without any knowledge. Learns everything in here, uses those skills to survive out there and passing what they learn to next generation.

2023 was the golden year of the AI. All language models image & video models was out there like a competition but still not close enough to what we seen in 90's sci-fi movies.

The most realistic depiction of future was 1973 film westworld which also have an 2016 tv show adaptation with same concept, at there realistic robots was controlled by humans for entertainment purposes and they got basic learning capabilities like today's language models do. Robots trained in wild west and they talk & act like they been there with no self-motivation and no self-initiative to do things.

Let's remember Thomas Anderson from Matrix he born in a simulation called matrix and become a software developer at there, when he unplugged by Morpheus and waken up in a future where machines and humans in war, he was like tourist at there until oracle implemented new features and directives to him.

Same logic also applies to people of the internet. I met with a woman online who born in an isolated city, no friends, no relatives, no proper family attention. born and just studied years and years until become a government officer just by reading and taking exams. No social interaction needed to success. When we're together she was silent all the time, responding to questions in booleans of yes/no even sometimes just face ticks and hand gestures. When i ask deep questions about her existence, she was using exact scientific slang from the books. Only responding to environment, wasn't taking any initiative with her own desire like acquiring a taste of music, having an intellectual interest with someone, admiring to a relaxing scenery, petting an animal etc. Talking like text to speech system of the first macintosh without any tone in her voice. I don't remember even if she laughed to something. Another one who i met is born in largest city of the europe but didn't went outside much, spent her 99% of life on a golden cage that supplied by her wealthy family. No education, no friends, she was watching cheap tv shows all the time and was talking like an actress from there. That phenomenon called as feral child where the one born and grew without an adult supervision which leads to a human being who only driven by primary mammal instincts such as eat, sleep, have sex etc.

ChatGPT got into our lives so fast and fulfilled the constant need of the information. At first stage it was like the supercomputer that depicted in hitchikers guide to the galaxy but after few months of usage realized that it's the internet itself. Literally, trained from wikipedia, reddit, social media and some other public sources which anyone can access and if you noticed it can also talk like those platform's slang if you ask to do it.

Conclusion is computers didn't become intelligent, people just become dumber due to increase in overall life quality of our generation. Large language models are not a mind blowing dark magic, just a millionaire fed terabytes of text to a transformer model by using his unlimited resources.

There was a 2015 movie called Chappie which portrays a near future where tells story of an engineer who took a damaged police drone and implement a self-learning software to it. Then it starts to learn things like a baby. in my personal opinion that would be the actual real artificial intelligence.

Long story short, in our universe everything is measured with a reference point. Mankind looked to the stars, predicted the seasons and started to farming. Inspired from animals and started to imitate them. We, generation Y also referred as millennials referring things from 90's pop culture where also referred from 60's novels. Our current understanding and expectations from artificial intelligence set by sci-fi writers. We might see living digital butterflies if it's set by neuroscientists (it's also made btw) To invent an artificial intelligence, we have to find out what intelligence means first. Without experience, knowledge is nothing more than just a talking computer. What defines us is, what we seen, what we heard, what we read and where we spent our time.

As mankind, we have to spread out to world, experience things, meet another people, learn, develop ourselves, survive, multiply and pass out what we learn to next generation. Motivation to invent things should cause by need, not novelty nor need of attention.

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