Expensive and useless: powerline adapters

July 18, 2015

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while we're playing counter-strike on winxp machines in about 10 years ago, this powerline things appear in every news article. they was saying this is the future, companies will sell internet with electricity etc. but that didn't happen.


recently i subscribed to a fiber internet package (oh yes, 25mbps baby) and wasting this available bandwith with a cheap wifi dongle. ofcourse can't see more than 2~3mb/s and it's resetting itself after few hours of hardcore activity such as torrents & video streaming etc.
instead of falling-back to ethernet cables, researched for more modern solution to save time and get more portability like wifi. and hit to powerline aka homeplug devices. then started to looking for buy one of them. after a minor research, found http://www.amazon.com/Belkin-Powerline-Network-adapters-included/dp/B005O0R9UA target=_blank>Belkin AV500 starter kit from ebay. i though it was a good choice based on price/performance. waited 2 weeks of shipping and plugged-in it to wall. but still can't see more than 5mb/s. i said okay maybe it needs a firmware upgrade you know usually interrupting a firmware upgrade causes device malfunction. anyway, downloaded the required tools and successfuly upgraded one of them. erm, one of not. i packaged the devices and returned to seller like nothing happen biggrin.gif
Next month was seen an extremely cheap adapter at a supermarket. It's http://www.aztech.com/prod_homeplug_hl106e.html target=_blank>Aztech HL106E two beer cost, almost free. box label was saying 85mbps, can't resist and purchased again two of them.
85mbps eh? fuck i can't see more than 500kb/s this time. then started to research again. my dear google says this one was a primitive model of this technology which uses homeplug protocol 1.0 i saying was because also returned them even 20km gas costs me more than their price.
anyway, same day while returning to home i stop by near electrician shop and purchased 50 meters long cat5 cable, drilled the walls and extended one line to tv one line to my workroom. and yes, i can see upto 14mb/s today.
yay! powerline adapters really saved my time.

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