Indoor gardening ep1: Trial and Failure

March 19, 2016

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I tried something new at last days of 2015 and decided to grow my own vegetables in workroom. due to date of attempt, motivation was clear: The martian. probably i said if mark watney can grow crops in it's own shit i can grow my vegetables at anywhere.

Decided to go with romaine lettuce which is base element of salads. first of all, purchased two sets of big flowerpot and peat which available in any home store. that was my first mistake, lettuce's head is bigger than it's root i should use regular red or brown soil which can keep the plant straight.

Anyway filled the pot with peat, planted heater wires and watering tubes which is already laying around in my toy box. that was second mistake, lettuces likes cool environment, probably my research was about another subspecies.

I seen first leafs in next week and they're reached to approx 10cm after 30 days. everything is okay until there but they're stopped growing after some point. not growing not dying, just consuming water. maintenance was semi-automatic, i purchased two timer outlets one of them turning on the heating wires for nights and one of them starting the pump in each 48 hrs. i was just observing and re-supplying water at each week.

in total 100 days, environment temperature dropped below 15c due to season and i moved them to my workroom. there isn't sunlight out there about a month already, i fed them with a led light bulb but didn't noticed any progress. even most of them dead.

finally i give up and used all of them in my next meal. taste was eccentrically delicious unlike regular market products, it's definitely worth for effort.

Cost table
+ two pair of pots: $10
+ heating wire: $2.5
+ aquarium pump and hose: $3
+ timer outlets: $6
+ seeds: $1
+ peat: $1

Lessons learned
- temperature should between 14~28c for romaine lettuce
- seeds needs to sow at least 5cm deep
- led lightning just not enough, they're needs a full-spectrum light source
- use more dense soil, preferably red
- keep distance between seeds, they're interfering sunlight of each other when they're growth.

after cleaning the mess up, i moved empty pot to a dark storage room. surprisingly they're still alive after 6 months.

stay tuned for next entry.

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