New release: JDM Player

June 03, 2023

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Well, here we go again. it's almost ten years since i upload something to here.

We're the winamp generation, the media player that already solved all the basics at late 90's. spectrum visualizer, low latency audio, crossfading and folder based playback. And we're used to it.

The first time i own an android phone i was really in need of a winamp like player on smartphone and nobody created such application because of lack of the technology. Later we're literally stepped in to the future that a toaster even can play mp3 but still we don't have a decent music player for android in 2023.

So this is where i came in, i created a jukebox for myself and already using it since two years. Yesterday i did a little bit makeup, covered few possible bugs that might happen on future and tried to publish in play store. it's still pending review there but as you guessed it's already available to download in here.

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