Preventing cursor tremors via software

November 06, 2016

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Speaking as the 80's generation, we're getting old. more than two cups of coffee causes hand tremors on our semi-deprecated body and that's makes you useless if you're coding for live. Found few solutions to fix that issue and they're definitely deserves a blog entry.

Before the touch screen and optical pointers, each computer was controlling by Mechanical mice which is driven by a giant ball at the bottom and connected to serial or PS/2 port. You have to clean them at every month but they were completely stable. I used these things until 2006, then switched to optical mouse and torture has began.

You don't have to do a periodic maintenance on optical mouse but they're only works on super clean surfaces with no reflectance. Even must be darker as possible. I was using my black shirt as mousepad while using them.

Few years ago switched to three-monitor setup and purchased A4Tech XL-750BH laser mouse due to necessity of high resolution. Everything was okay on win7 and mouse cursor get sensitive again after upgraded to win8.1

Somehow survived to today by messing with a shaking cursor and finally dedicated my last three days to fix it. My first idea was implementation of a kernel driver with kalman filter which is widely using in smartphones and quadcopters. Then found few similar solutions after a quick web search.

SteadyMouse (Win32)
It's almost 10 year old software, specifically designed for elderly users. tried it before but wasn't effective as i assumed. Does the job but you have to forfeit from mouse acceleration feature of operating system. First version is still freeware, 2016 release is more promising and it's asking for $97 for an updated version. download from here

Povohat's mouse driver (Win32)
This guy probably a gamer, there is a lot of reference in gaming forums and reddit. He's developed him own usb filter driver for FPS games and it's also works system wide. There is no actual repositioning filter implemented but it allows to customize in-depth sensitivity and acceleration settings. Works like a charm since one week.


Old site:

Smooth Cursor (Mac)
Seems provides same functionality with povohat's driver, designed for mac users.

Tips for higher mouse performance
+ Use an usb hub with external power supply for a seamless mouse movement
+ Find a mousepad which made from fabric material.
+ Purchase a laser mouse if you can afford them, it worths to the investment.
+ Tie the extra mouse cable and shield this portion with aluminium foil. That's prevents the movement interruptions on EMI spikes.

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