2023: Full featured neural networks are here

January 08, 2023

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Usually i'm throwing here what i did with arduinos and some stuff which i found exciting. Year is 2023, i'm turned 37 and spent 20 years of this life to software development and finally an artificial intelligence we expected from sci-fi movies, is arrived.
As you realized i'm talking about GPT-3 which developed by openAI which also funded by elon musk who is another software developer who become crazy rich by ripping off people's money at paypal by giving almost half of the real exchange rate on international money transfers without letting them transfer money in same currency. Anyway that's another story.

The official documents and chatbot itself claims GPT-3 is based on 45tb of bulk text dataset and 170 billion of tuning parameters. Actually it's not something new, previously couple companies did the same/similar efforts and turned their research to applicable business models. search the ibm watson and deepmind's alphaGo

Instead of a westworld kind of intelligence gpt3 is more like deep thought which portrayed in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and in my opinion it's really powerful tool if you ask the right questions.

The first contact story
When the site went online i was already registered and fiddling with their another project dall-e. The first question i asked is to determine what kind of chatbot it is. After few basic conversations realized it's more like a text generator based on prompt. it seems like chat stream but dall-e also works via same way.

I asked to find cross references from old testament, christian bible and quran and it brings the prophet names, confirmed occured events and more importantly given me a lead to an information about islamic sects which forced me question my entire life about the truth about religion which taught by my family. This idea was already in my mind since years, to feed all holy text into a neural network and ask questions about creation. GPT-3 did it altogether with entire mankind codex.

There was other questions in my mind which possible to find answers and cross confirm it by 1-2 hours of googling but this one already replies in matter of seconds. It's like spending a night with a guru.

Answers that leds to more questions
As a backend developer, when launching a new web project usually i'm looking for design inspiration from other websites and creating something common that derived from 3-4 different UI designs that i found effective.

Today realized a harsh truth: all those world leaders, billioners, supermodels, pop icons, you and me. we're literally nothing without information. we even don't know how to eat, how to take shit without our parents teach it. Our parents learn from their ancestors, the ancestors learn from the nature. There is no such thing called unique idea or pure creativity we're all copy of something and grow with information of someone else.

Authencity of this information also another question, if we fed with wrong information from very beginning it's quite possible that we're living in matrix or some kind of truman show shit. The mind of young body accepts whatever you give as default. In that case i can safely say we're all childs of techno-capitalism which leds to another topic of conflict between generations. My dad fought with his dad, i fought with him, most likely my child might have an issue with me. I don't like the generation who plays minecraft already.

Another thing i realize is the scale of the information, this network model is a living proof that it's possible to pack entire codex of mankind into a portable hard drive with today's technology. It's useful in case of someone going to launch a new civilization from scratch. Similar scenerio was happened at 2001 movie time machine entire civilization was collapsed and a data-packed hologram was teaching everything back at the end.

GPT3 is wisest than any living man for sure, to call it intelligent we have to figure out what is the intelligence first. A novel called Positronic Man was having a chapter that the android obtain the consiousness after hours of the talk with it's owner and read his entire library. The robot's conclusion was this: freedom. Freedom to make decisions. It's setting a goal first, making plans about it, making new friends to help it's journey and eventually achieving this target. In my opinion that's the real intelligence, i mean an ideal AI should read, observe, repeat and make conclusions if it's right or not. Basically that's what any mammal does and it's quite possible to do it with today's technology, question is who going to waste their life to achieve such a thing.

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