Datakesh Resurrections

December 26, 2023

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Years ago while we're living the top years of our puberty, we was using applications like sub7 and netbus to track social behaviour of our girlfriends or other males that poses as a thread in our testosterone war.

Someday those apps started to fail hence antiviruses began to label them as trojan and renders them useless. This is where i came in, created my own RAT in a dev environment called RapidQ which is an experimental BASIC compiler without any library support or documentation.

That's actually how i start to professional coding, fiddled with quickbasic and turbo pascal earlier but didn't created anything from scratch until then. I researched about windows OS and it's api interface, created iterations of same application in other programming languages and eventually launched datakesh at 2009 which written in delphi 7

That application was a pack of my entire programming knowledge that collected between 2002-2009, it features reverse connection, activeX based startup method (which discovered myself) a secure handshake system and LH5 based content compression.

Hence my website simply a flash animation back then and didn't mentioned in anywhere else, application is only exposed to my close friend group from high school. Search engines unable to read content from flash animations, so it didn't got public visibility so much.

But somehow it landed to hands of someone at a major GSM company and they reached me for a fulltime job, with a small team of programmers we're created web version of this project for server monitoring purposes. Client application was basically kept same, all we do is make periodic http requests to a php script instead of desktop app. That project buried to my harddisk after i fired from there.

Years later i created a socket relay in node.js which accepts connections on a public server and routes that connection to another datakesh server. basically that's how i dealt with locked routers of local ISP's while there is no way to access it's admin panel.

Recently i needed this app again and said myself why we're not using websockets? that would solve the strict necessity of the windows OS and solves the public port mapping hassle. Then started to work, the client app mostly kept same. I just recompiled it in latest version of rad studio and added few extras which lacks on original version. Total development time took 3 weeks including server side relay and web dashboard.

- Photo gallery and thumbnail generation
- Interactive shell access
- File manager
- Process manager
- Window manager
- Screenshot and webcam capture

What's new
- Cancellable file transfers from same socket
- Chunked file transfers for files over 100mb
- Not detectable by major AV (only 2 hits at virustotal)
- Advanced sandbox detection
- Entirely web based, build your client and send to host. that's all.

Removed features
- Voice recording
- CD-rom management
- Message boxes, writing text on screen
- Action hooks, notify when idle etc.

unlike the other projects, this one is web based and updating almost everyday. you can reach it from here:

also did a quick remaster to original project in order to run in today's win32 environment:

At last but not least, all that coding journey is available in github now:

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