Path to #FAIL: Aqua Regia

December 08, 2018

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 That's a follow-up to previous entry. I collected unused simcards, expired credit cards, spare smartphone parts and melt them too into previously created hydrochloric acid+hydrogen peroxide solution.


 After the third day, i got avg 4 grams of gold dust and asked some jewelry workshops to if they're interested. Common question was "how pure is your gold?" I did a quick research about that, noticed even market standard alloys are contains only 95% of gold. Determination of purity is simple, just drop it into nitric acid and observe if it's turning into green or not. if it's not, it's safe to buy.
 Well, i literally fucked up this time. wasted one week, around $50 to chemicals and whole box of electronics. that's how: i was preparing to melt the dust. But put them to nitric acid to clean up the other particles and see how pure is it. What i wasn't know is the leftover hydrochloric acid (which dust was still wet) interacts with nitric acid and creates the only solution that can dissolve the gold called Aqua regia

 Being away just for 5 minutes, returned back, wtf! gold was completely dissolved as a yellowish fluid, just the other particles was left.

 I should wash the speckles twice before dip them into nitric acid. Learned via hard way.

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